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ATCO has over 30 products designed to assist customers with industrial applications in the workplace. These heavy-duty degreasers, release agents, multi-surface cleaners and defoamers play a key role with any company's preventative maintenance program.

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Industrial Products

All-Purpose Aerosol Adhesive
A-BOND is a wide web spray adhesive and one of the highest performance aerosol adhesives available. Waterproof, flexible, transparent and non-staining, this product is designed for the toughest adhesive applications with materials such as leather, cardboard, most plastics, polyethylene sheeting and cloth. A-BOND is environmentally safe, as it contains no chlorinated solvents. Use A-BOND for the following applications: as a gasket adhesive for automobile vehicles; on pumps used in industry; for signs and displays in place of tacks, tape and rubber cement; in textile mills to adhere labels to the back of carpeting; on minor repairs on fiberglass and gypsum insulation; for holding patterns to fabric layer during cutting; or anywhere an all-purpose adhesive is required.

Metal-Working Lubricant with Synthetic Coolant
A-COOL-82 is a synthetic, extreme-pressure lubricant designed for use in heavy-duty machining. By varying the concentration, A-COOL-82 can be used for general machining, grinding, light and heavy-duty cutting, tapping, forging, drawing and broaching. General dilutions for A-COOL-82 range form 1:50 for light-duty applications to 1:5 for heavy-duty applications. A-COOL-82 is completely soluble in water, thus providing extreme-pressure lubricating with the cooling benefits of water. A-BOND resists mold, mildew and bacterial spoilage.

Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate
ALL-PRO solves practically all cleaning jobs. ALL-PRO is formulated for the toughest grease, dirt, carbon deposits, grime, soot, inks, oil, blood, resins and other dirty conditions. ALL-PRO is the one product for all-purpose, general-purpose and special- purpose cleaning. Apply ALL-PRO with low pressure sprayers, high pressure equipment, steam cleaners, immersion systems or by hand. ALL-PRO dilutes anywhere from 1:10 parts water up to 1:180 parts water. ALL-PRO may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, highway departments, farm and road equipment maintenance operations, institutions, municipalities, printing plants and oil refineries.

Heavy-Duty Alkaline Cleaner Concentrate
AMAZE is a highly efficient, all-purpose cleaner for steel, most types of aluminum alloys, concrete, floors, walls and many other application areas. AMAZE will remove baked-on carbons, drawing compounds and machining oils, buffing and polishing compounds, light rust, scale, tarnish, oxides, soot and shop soils. AMAZE may be applied with low or high pressure sprayers, steam cleaners, immersion systems, etc. It is low foaming and highly concentrated. AMAZE possesses high rinsability and detergency, and it is stable in hard water. It is environmentally safe and free of chlorinated and low flash solvents. AMAZE may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, industrial plants, highway departments, municipalities, printing plants, drum refinishing operations, water treatment facilities, paper mills and oil refineries. AMAZE is also ideal for use on electrostatic precipitators in industrial facilities to aide in the removal of heavy carbon dust build-up.

ATCO-STRIP MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Paint and Varnish Remover
ATCO-STRIP is a jell-type paint and varnish stripper and gasket remover. It is a strong, hard-working, fast-acting, multi-purpose solvent which forms an envelope around lacquers, enamels, shellacs, acrylics and contact cement that holds the solvents to the surface to cause a blistering action down to the original surface. ATCO-STRIP visibly works in minutes. The application surface may then be scraped or flushed off with water. ATCO-STRIP may be used on plaster, masonry, stone, wood, metal, glass or ceramics. It is perfect for use in automotive shops, garages, body repair shops, wood and metal furniture refinishing, maintenance departments and municipalities.

Clean-Up Formulation

ATOX is a powerful concentrated surface renovator. It quickly penetrates to break up lime deposits, scale, rust, stains, mineral sediments and scum. ATOX provides a powerful, rapidly penetrating cleaning action without the fuming, excessive corrosion and handling of concentrated muriatic acid. ATOX saves time and labor because it effectively dissolves insoluble films and deposits that would normally require scraping, chipping or brushing. ATOX may be used in the construction industry to remove cement from metal doors, cement mixers, cement forms, machinery and metal stairs. ATOX is safe on most metals, including copper, brass, aluminum and painted surfaces when properly diluted. Stains and discolorations on copper and brass tubing disappear with one application of ATOX. ATOX may be used full strength to remove scale from metal parts and equipment. It should be diluted when removing mortar, insoluble carbonates, oxides and the like.

Heavy-Duty Rust Remover
AVENGER's liquid concentrate contains active rust removers that effectively remove rust, tarnish and mill scale from iron and steel. It is completely water soluble, odorless and non-flammable and produces no fumes during application. AVENGER contains no hazardous or highly corrosive mineral acids or toxic volatile acids, such as muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. It will not harm plastic, paint, glass, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, chrome, ceramics or glazed tile.

Engineer's Solvent
B-29 is a ready-to-use, fast-drying solvent degreaser and renovator. B-29 may be used anywhere electrical, electronic, and/or mechanical equipment requires cleaning. It removes heavy grease, petroleum deposits, waxes, fats and other soils from iron, copper, aluminum, wood, concrete, polyvinyl, polyethylene, fiberglass, etc. B-29 may be applied by soaking, by aspirating or with a pressure sprayer. It evaporates quickly, and its non-corrosive formula will not damage metals, painted surfaces, insulation or most plastics commonly used as insulators, when used as directed.

Industrial Surface Renovator
BD 50 is a highly concentrated, water-soluble safety solvent that may be used on industrial surfaces, machinery and most painted surfaces. This formulation was developed for industrial applications where a safer, more powerful solvent is required. BD 50 penetrates, then emulsifies and lifts dirt, grease and grime from the application surface, leaving it completely renovated. BD 50 removes a wide variety of soils and solves most problems associated with dirt, sludge and grime. The high dilution rate of BD 50 makes each application very economical in automotive repair shops, fleet operators, aircraft maintenance centers and manufacturing facilities.

Water-Soluble Safety Solvent
BIG DADDY is a highly concentrated, water-soluble safety solvent. It penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies industrial grease, oil and dirt and attacks molecular structures that bond soils to surfaces. BIG DADDY contains no carbon tetrachloride, benzene, kerosene, naptha, gasoline or other hazardous solvents - it is completely non-flammable and biodegradable. It may be used on industrial surfaces, machinery, floors and most painted surfaces

Quick-Drying Degreaser
BLAST-OFF's powerful blasting spray quickly and easily penetrates the toughest grease and grime from equipment, tools and gears. It is non-flammable, and it has a high dielectric strength, making it non-conductive up to 14,200 volts. BLAST-OFF's formula is fast-drying, and it leaves behind no messy residue on equipment. BLAST-OFF removes heavy grease and soils from transformers, motor or generator housings, engine parts, brake parts, power cables, precision tools, printing presses, etc.

Engineer's Solvent

BUCKAROO is a ready-to-use, fast-drying solvent degreaser and renovator. It is the choice where speed and safety are essential. BUCKAROO may be used anywhere electrical and/or mechanical equipment must be cleaned in safety. It removes heavy grease, petroleum deposits, waxes, fats and other soils from iron, copper, aluminum, wood, concrete, polyvinyl, polyethylene, fiberglass, etc. BUCKAROO's electric breakdown voltage is 50,600 volts (as per ASTM D877-87) and may be applied by soaking, aspirating or with a pressure sprayer. It is available in bulk liquid or "Power-Spray" aerosol.

Non-Flammable Penetrating Oil
CHAMP is a non-flammable aerosol that stops and prevents corrosion. It also lubricates locks and hinges, snow removal equipment and refrigeration equipment. CHAMP may be applied to wet or dry surfaces. It loosens dirt, scale and other types of corrosion. CHAMP also frees nuts and bolts, stops corrosion on battery terminals and may be used on electrical panel boards, parking meters, home workshops and outboard motors. CHAMP has a lubricating effect on all moving parts, and it never becomes dry, hard or brittle. CHAMP is recommended for use on airplanes, automotive vehicles, farm equipment, vending machines, laundry equipment, electrical equipment, motors and windings, controls, terminals, fuse and junction boxes, ignition systems, starter motors, distributor caps, spark plugs, alternators, multiple connections, switches and switch gears. It is ideal for use on materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, painted surfaces, bronze, plastics, ceramics, tools and machinery.

Ice Machine Cleaner
CHILL-OUT contains powerful, yet safe and non-toxic ingredients to provide a total and complete cleaning of ice machines, while at the same time breaking down and dissolving scale and mineral deposits in a safe and economic manner. This product uses an acid-replacement technology coupled with powerful cleaning surfactants which are both completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. CHILL-OUT ice machine cleaner is ideal for use on all metals, including nickel.

CIRCUIT-SAFE MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Electronic Contact Cleaner

CIRCUIT-SAFE electronic contact cleaner is a rapidly evaporating aerosol spray that is specially formulated for removing oil, grease, condensation, dust and other particulate matter from sensitive electronic parts.  Its quick-drying formula leaves zero residue behind, and it will not harm most plastics, paints or rubbers.  CIRCUIT-SAFE is non-flammable and non-corrosive, and it has a 31,000 Volt Dielectric Strength.  It has been tested safe on the following surfaces: Neoprene, Buna, Silicone, Butyl and Natural Rubber, Nylon, Hypalon, PTFE, PVC, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Polethylene, Polypropylene and Epoxy.

CITROL GOLD MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Organic Safety Solvent and Degreaser
CITROL GOLD is a powerful concentrate of natural citrus oils, chelates, penetrants, dispersants and surfactants which quickly emulsifies dirt, grime and grease. It contains no petroleum solvents or toxic ingredients. CITROL GOLD cleans engine parts, tools, machinery, walls, floors, carpet, appliances, stainless steel, woodwork, porcelain fixtures, vinyl, whitewall tires, ceramic tile and exhaust fans. It is used by industrial, institutional and municipal complexes to dissolve and remove grease, oil, tar, asphalt, cosmoline, adhesives, resins, inks, tire marks, food soils, waxes and grimy dirt. CITROL GOLD can be diluted up to 1:100 for normal cleaning.

CLEAR-CLEAN MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Multi-Surface Cleaner

CLEAR-CLEAN is a revolutionary heavy-duty, all-surface cleaner that is both powerful and user friendly. It meets the EPA/DfE recommendations  and offers improved health and environmental characteristics. It contains no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants. Instead, it uses a proprietary blend of surfactants, solvents, pH adjustors, and other ingredients, which exhibit more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional cleaning formulations. The unique formulation makes it a powerful cleaner, yet safe on all surfaces. CLEAR-CLEAN is free rinsing and leaves no residue, even on glass and highly polished metals.

Non-Acid Concrete Remover

CONTREAT is a low pH concrete remover that performs like an acid. It has a similar pH and pKa value to hydrochloric acid but is non-fuming, non-corrosive to skin and metal (per DOT test protocols) and is DOT "Non Regulated". It is a unique 60% active organic salt that performs like hydrochloric acid, as well as many other acids. CONTREAT offers significant benefits with regard to handling, storage and worker safety versus hydrochloric acids and many other inorganic and organic acids. It is phosphate free and contains no volatile organic substances. The use of CONTREAT can lower formula costs, increase performance efficiency and provide workers with a safe alternative to acids. CONTREAT is a ready-to-use solution that rinses off with water. It can be used on cement mixers, cement trucks, cement forms, machinery, tools and wherever any unwanted cement is present.

Cutting & Tapping Fluid
COOL TOOL is a special cutting and tapping fluid formulated for all types of machine shop uses.  This high performance coolant/lubricant increases production, protects tools and helps provide quality machine parts. COOL TOOL holds up under extreme pressure, is safe for use on all metals and is non-flammable.  COOL TOOL can be utilized on the most difficult machining operations. 

Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Cleaner
CUTTS-ALL Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Cleaner is designed to be a ready-to-use/full strength product. CUTTS-ALL is the ideal product for use on ovens, grills, exhaust hoods, floors, work tables, hard-to-clean walls and anywhere grease build-up needs to be removed. CUTTS-ALL is safe on most plastics and can be used to clean floors, carpet, appliances, porcelain fixtures, whitewall tires, ceramic tile and exhaust fans. This product emulsifies and removes grease, oil, tar, brake dust, inks, adhesives, resins, food soils and tire marks.

Moisture and Corrosion Inhibitor
DISPEL is a moisture and corrosion inhibitor. It displaces moisture and prevents corrosion under severe operating conditions. This aerosol product contains a highly active blend of solvents and lubricants designed to penetrate, protect and preserve. DISPEL can be used anywhere moisture and humidity causes problems for electrical equipment.

ETERNA-450 MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
LV Black Silicone Sealant

ETERNA-450 is a 100% low volatile R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength sealant. It meets GM & OEM specifications, remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F and can be dispensed to make any size or shape gasket instantly. ETERNA-450 may be used on metal, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber and most plastics.

ETERNA-600 MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
High-Temperature Silicone Sealant
ETERNA-600 is a silicone sealant and adhesive that may be used on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt and metal gaskets. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink. It withstands intermittent temperatures from -85°F to +500°F and pressures up to 350 psi. ETERNA-600 is virtually unaffected by chemical deterioration, extreme weather, temperature or aging. ETERNA-600 may be used on pumps high pressure pipe joints, oil and transmission pans, oil and water pumps, valve and timing chain covers, electric motors and electrical control boxes, gear boxes, compressors, machine covers, rigid flange assemblies and equipment housings.

EVAP-O-FOAM MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Heavy-Duty Defoamer
EVAP-O-FOAM is a concentrated blend of anti-foam agents formulated for fast elimination of foam generated during industrial operations. It's effective on foaming problems in cooling towers, boilers, air washers, sewage treatment facilities, industrial waste treatment facilities, golf courses, paper mills, other industrial process systems and anywhere foaming is a problem.

All-Purpose, Fast-Acting Enzymatic Cleaner
FAST FREDDIE is the ultimate solution to general cleaning problems. This all-purpose enzyme cleaner removes the most stubborn stains and soap film on walls, floors, bathtubs and tile surfaces. FAST FREDDIE is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and degreasers to safely clean without petroleum solvents, harsh caustics or toxic chemicals. It renders grease, oils, soap films and stubborn soils and stains water soluble with a unique blend of detergents and biological enzymes that are readily biodegradable. FAST FREDDIE may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, highway departments, on farm and road equipment, by maintenance operations, and in institutions, municipalities and printing plants. It may be used on clothes, carpet, upholstery, floors, walls, grease traps, drains, showers and shower curtains, urinals, toilets, sinks, cement, driveways, ovens and oven hoods, grout, tile, grills, kitchen cabinets, sidewalks, A/C drip pans, refrigerators, dumpsters and loading docks.

Foaming Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser
FOAM-OUT is a foaming heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. It safely removes heavy grease and soil deposits by its penetrating and emulsifying action. FOAM-OUT cleans without a choking or burning effect, even in areas with minimum ventilation, and it eliminates the danger of fire and explosion. FOAM-OUT is safe to use on walls, glass, most metals (including aluminum), concrete, plastics, vinyl, washable painted surfaces, asphalt tile, white wall tires, vent hoods and grills, enamel, rubber, steel, vinyl and most anywhere grease and soil are a problem. This product is used in kitchens, meat and poultry plants, printing presses, machine shops, schools, institutions, bathrooms and showers.

Water-Based Silicone Emulsion Defoamer
FOAM-X is a water-based silicone emulsion defoamer that is highly effective in controlling heavy foaming in water treatment and sewage treatment facilities and many other industrial areas. It breaks the surface tension of foam, making the walls of the bubbles thin and unstable, resulting in the prevention of this problem. FOAM-X is stable over a wide pH and temperature range, which makes it ideal for use under a variety of conditions and application areas. It will not disrupt settling or clarification processes, and it is non-polluting. FOAM-X is ideal for use in water treatment facilities, waste water treatment plants, industrial waste treatment facilities, golf courses, paper mills, other industrial process systems and anywhere foaming is a problem.

GREEN CLEAN MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Oxygenated Cleaner and Degreaser
GREEN CLEAN is an oxygenated cleaner and degreaser that is recognized by the EPA/Dfe as a "green" product. It is ideal for use as a heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and stain remover.  GREEN CLEAN contains environmentally preferred ingredients and contains no caustics or harmful solvents. It cleans and degrease in one easy step! GREEN CLEAN can be used on walls, floors, tile, vnyl upholstery, metal, porcelain, concrete and counter tops to remove grease, oil, grim, soap scum, lipstick, wax, food stains and dirt. GREEN CLEAN can also be used as an industrial carpet spotter and extractor. It works quickly on a number of stains, including coffee, soft drinks, dirt, juice and blood, among others. It effectively cleans carpets, while at the same time neutralizing odors. GREEN CLEAN is safe to use on most colors and surfaces and is ideal for high-traffic areas, as it leaves no soil-attracting residues behind.

LOCK-A-NUT MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Medium Strength Threadlocker

LOCK-A-NUT is a medium strength, medium viscosity threadlocking compound designed for metal fasteners of up to 3/4" in diameter. Fast-cure and moderate chemical resistance.

LOCK-A-STUD MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
High Strength Threadlocker

LOCK-A-STUD is a high-strength, low viscosity threadlocking compound designed for metal fasteners of up to 1" in diameter. Fast-cure and good chemical resistance.


Heavy-Duty Degreaser
MARAUDER rapidly removes asphalt and tar from equipment and tools. It is ideal for degreasing engines, engine parts, molds, dies and other industrial equipment. MARAUDER is excellent for degreasing small parts in dip operations as well. It may also be used as a grease slime eliminator for drain maintenance, grease traps and sewage treatment plants because it quickly dissolves grease and fats and controls odors.

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degrader
OIL-FOIL is specially formulated to break down hydrocarbon sludge in oil/water separators and to produce a cleaner effluent. The patented, live vegetative microbes contained in OIL-FOIL are capable of utilizing over ninety different organic compounds as their sole food source. These microbes work by attaching themselves to the hydrocarbon molecules in the oil/water separator, breaking the molecules down into carbon dioxide and water. OIL-FOIL's microbes reproduce themselves throughout the contaminated water, doubling and re-doubling their cell count until all of the available hydrocarbons have been consumed. The end result is water that previously was polluted with petroleum products is now "clean", with the majority of the hydrocarbon molecules converted to water and carbon dioxide. OIL-FOIL can reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D) by 97% and can reduce oil and grease (total petroleum hydrocarbons) by 75%, which should reduce the need for pumping up to 80%. OIL-FOIL is designed for use in oil/water separators, waste water holding tanks and drain lines.

POCKET POXY MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Epoxy Resin
POCKET POXY seals, mends, bonds and repairs almost anything in manufacturing plants, on job sites and in offices. POCKET POXY is comprised of a pre-measured, steel reinforced black strip of epoxy resin and a white strip of hardener packed in the same package. POCKET POXY will adhere to almost all surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry, glass, ceramic and most plastics. It comes packaged in a convenient pocket-sized tube that can be carried almost anywhere.

RELEASE II MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Penetrating Oil with Teflon and Moly
RELEASE II is a fast-acting, high oil content aerosol that penetrates, displaces moisture and lubricates by utilizing both Teflon and molybdenum disulfide. RELEASE II is low in toxicity, harmless to most rubber and plastics and is heat resistant up to 500°F. Penetration: it possesses excellent penetration power for loosening frozen and rust corroded parts. Moisture Displacement: RELEASE II quickly displaces moisture from ignition systems. It also protects against corrosion on unpainted surfaces. It stops and prevents corrosion on battery terminals, chrome trim tools and all metals. It also removes moisture from distributor caps, ignition wires, starter motors, spark plugs and generator alternators. Lubrication: RELEASE II loosens and lubricates nuts, bolts, mufflers, manifolds, heat risers, control cables, brakes, U-bolts, tie rod connections, electric switches, electric motor rods, panel hinges, rubber bushings, throttle controls, carburetor linages, sewing machines, electrical appliances, mowers, workshop equipment and much more!

5-Gallon Universal

 The SPILL KIT is a self-contained kit that stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control; saves time when quick response is necessary. Kit contains: 2 SUKUPs, 10 SUKUP JRs, 1 pair of safety goggles, 1 pair of safety glasses, 1 disposal bag and 1 UN approved 5-gallon container.

SPILL KIT 55 GALLON MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
55 Gallon Universal

 The SPILL KIT 55 Gallon Universal is a self-contained kit that stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control; saves time when quick response is necessary. Kit contains: 20 SUKUPs, 100 SUKUP JRs, 2 pair of safety goggles, 2 pair of safety glasses, 5 disposal bags, 18 pounds of Pick-It-Up liquid and oil sorbent and one 55 gallon open-lid container.

SPILL KIT QT MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
5 Gallon Universal with Santastic

 The SPILL KIT QT is a self-contained kit that stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control; saves time when quick response is necessary. Kit contains: 1 quart of SANTASTIC, 2 SUKUPs, 10 SUKUP JRs, 1 pair of safety goggles, 1 pair of safety glasses, 1 disposal bag, 1 quart nozzle sprayer and 1 UN approved 5-gallon container.

Drum Top Pad

SUKUP DRUM TOP PADS are the safe and easy way to control messes around the work place caused by machinery leakage or spills. Just put a SUKUP DRUM TOP PAD down and watch it rapidly absorb a variety of fluids - solvents, water-based liquids, oils, acids and caustics. The dark gray color of the pad hides dirt and grime. There is no messy cleanup - just replace the saturated SUKUP DRUM TOP PAD with a fresh one.  

Oil Mat

SUKUP OIL MATS control spills and overspray to help keep floors dry and safe. Color-coded to help you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs. Bright white designates oil-only sorbency for oil and other petroleum-based fluids — but not water; makes it easy to identify when saturated.

SUKUP JR's MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Universal Absorbent Pads
SUKUP JR's are pads great for general-purpose cleaning of spills and leaks. Their treated polypropylene layers are bonded for strength and durability. They absorb just about anything - solvents, oils, water-based liquids, caustics and acids. Put them on and around equipment for light spills, leaks and drips. Place them where there is heavy foot traffic, or put soiled parts and tools on them. SUKUP JR's put an end to costly and messy absorbents, such as clay granules, rags, cardboard, etc. Place SUKUP JR's wherever there are leaks and spills, or wherever they may occur. Each 15 x 18-inch pad holds 1 quart of fluid. Once fully saturated, just pick up and remove the SUKUP JR, along with the mess. SUKUP JR's can be incinerated, and they are non-biodegradable for landfilling.

General-Purpose Absorbent Socks
SUKUP's are the safe and easy way to control messes around the workplace caused by machinery leakage or spills. These general-purpose absorbent socks soak up oil, solvents, water-based liquids and non-aggressive fluids which can create hazards in and around work areas. There are no messy clean-ups like there are when using other absorbents, such as clay granules, rags, cardboard, etc. SUKUP's are great for heavy machinery leaks and big spills. Put them around machinery, troubled floor areas, and around spills and leaks. SUKUP's flex and bend so unwanted messes never touch the floor. Whenever they become saturated, there's no downtime or clean-up. Just pick up the old one and replace it with a fresh one. Each SUKUP's is 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. These absorbent socks incinerate to less than 2.4% ash. They are also non-biodegradable which complies with 40 CFR 264.314 [1995] for haz-waste landfilling.

Enzymatic Grease Buster
SUPER VINDICATOR is a unique bacteria-free blend of proprietary agents which cut through and lift grease, oil and other hydrocarbons. SUPER VINDICATOR is used to remove petroleum distillates without emulsifying. It causes the release and separation of crude and refined oils, as well as hydrocarbons, at temperatures from near freezing to near boiling. This separation then allows the recovery, reuse, or disposal of the hydrocarbon components. Areas of use for this product include storage tanks, oil refineries, lift stations, hospitals, factories, septic systems, automotive repair shops, sand or mixed tertiary filters, waste water treatment plants, marine applications and steam cleaners.

Heavy-Duty Foam Industrial Degreaser
TAKE-OFF is a unique aerosol foam which enables simple and easy degreasing of tools, parts, work benches, vent covers, coils, concrete, metal surfaces and more! TAKE-OFF sprays on as a engulfing, heavy-duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended degreasing contact time. It contains super powerful, water-soluble, grease-dissolving agents and detergents for instant mega-forceful degreasing action. TAKE-OFF provides a self-indicating degreasing action foam which quickly breaks down grease and grime and becomes dirty, indicating soil is ready to be flushed away. It also deodorizes as it degreases, leaving the area with a fresh citrus aroma.

Heavy-Duty Tar Remover
TAR-LESS is a fast-acting, citrus-based tar remover. It is outstanding for removing tar, heavy grease, oil, asphalt and bitumen from all types of vehicles, equipment and masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, etc. TAR-LESS contains citrus solvents that attack and emulsify tar, grease and oil, allowing for easier and quicker clean up of machinery, equipment and tools. Apply TAR-LESS by spraying or brushing on, and allow the product to penetrate until tar is soft. Follow up with a pressure wash of water to flush away deposits, or rub clean with a rag. For applications where light tar build-up has occurred, TAR-LESS may be diluted 3:8 with water. TAR-LESS may be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is recommended for use on concrete, brick, masonry, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum, paving equipment, trucks, trailers, heavy construction equipment, tools, sidewalks, curbs and roofing.

Asphalt Release Agent
TAREX is a complex blend of surfactants, water-soluble salts, anti-deposition aids and heat-resistant release agents designed to provide a lubricant shield that prevents adhesion of asphalt to truck beds and sides. TAREX replaces the need for the use of diesel fuel for asphalt extraction. Dilute TAREX 1:10 with water and simply spray a thin uniform coating of solution to the truck bed and sides for quick and easy asphalt removal.

THE BUSTER MSDS Sheet   Tech Data Sheet
Super Penetrant and Lubricating Catalyst
THE BUSTER features a forceful jet spray and a powerful penetrating and lubricating catalyst which helps rapidly dissolve rust and corrosion to free frozen parts. It reduces friction and wear over a broad temperature range. THE BUSTER creeps and pulls itself up, around and into cracks and crevices and threads with powerful capillary action. This product is excellent to use on bearings, gears, relays, lug nuts, threaded parts, linkages, fasteners, pulleys, frozen nuts and bolts, locks, hinges, screws, clamps, tools, engine parts, motors, starters and generators.

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